Why choose Green World


On the development momentum, we constantly improve ourselves, apply science and technology to production and strong financial capacity. With prestige and dedication, Green World wishes for a long-term cooperation in order to satisfy products and services with the most perfect service quality. Because we always focus on customers.


Our factory is invested with modem equipment and more than 100 skiled workers, specialiing in manufacturing furniture equipment according to each specific design of the project.


All products of Green World use environmentally friendly materials, which are selected from reputable suppliers in the market to ensure maximum safety for users.


Owning a team of experts in the field of furniture, who have chaired the design and construction of many large projects, along with a team of experienced architects, engineers, and experts, we will help Customers to have works of high quality, in terms ofaesthetics and functionality as well as maximum saving of, time and investment costs.


Project progress and quality at the highest level and working safety is always at the forefront of the production and construction process.


We are dedicated to providing more choices for our customers, and proactive maintenance and after-sales maintenance for up to 2 years.


Production capacity, mass production of industrial boards, quality and on schedule production progress standards ISO 9001: 2015. Experienced project management and construction and completion team. Experience in construction of key projects with high perfection such as: Dai Quang Minh Office - Myanmar, MGallery Yen Tu, KK Sapa, Sonasea Paris Villa Phu Quoc.


Organize the production, construction, and management of furniture projects according to international quality management standards ISO 9001:2015. Be dedicated, prestigious, and always put the Customer as the focus.

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